With EKTOS, you can enable seamless information exchange, device interconnectivity, and access to online resources.

We help clients leverage the power of wireless communication to enable electronic products to deliver unparalleled connectivity, convenience, and control.

Whether it’s remotely adjusting settings, monitoring performance, or managing multiple devices simultaneously, we can help you meet the demands of modern consumers.

Areas of specialization

  • Remote Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Vehicle Connectivity
  • Home Automation and Smart Systems
  • Wireless Audio and Video Devices
  • Wireless Networking Equipment
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Devices


EKTOS helps clients to successfully bring RF-based products with optimized systems, efficient signal transmission, and reception to market. From system design, and component selection, to integration, our team can address the unique requirements and budget.

We develop both module and discrete components-based wireless solutions for all kinds of radios supported by the ST Wireless Products domain.
From sub-GHz SRD technologies to the 2.5G (Zigbee, Thread, WiFi, etc.) and 5G (WiFi, 5G Cellular), as well as the entire LTE family of cellular technologies.
Either you have chosen an off-the-shelf antenna or want a fully tailored
design – EKTOS can do it all for you.

Our development team’s tight coupling with our test department allows EKTOS specialists to ensure the ERP/EiRP and VSWR are the best in class.
Additionally, being a strong partner of different MVNOs around
the globe – EKTOS can deliver price-effective cellular solutions for customers.


Mobile Communication
Near Field Communication - NFC
Wireless Internet
Satelite Communication
Wireless Sensor Networks - WSN


RF System Design and Optimization
Frequency Planning
Antenna Design and Integration
Spectrum Management
Antenna Design and Integration
Interference Mitigation
RF Component Selection
Testing and Measurement
Signal Integrity
Custom RF Solutions
Prototyping and Validation
Cost Efficiency
Training and Knowledge Transfer
Market Analysis
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency



Wireless and Cashless payment solution
With our cooperation with EKTOS and TECHTO, our device hit the market within a short amount of time. We are able to maintain product cost on a competitive level and enjoy support for manufacturing over the years."
Christian Mortensen
Co-Founder and CEO at AirWallet


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    • We make a deal on how to move on and make you product time to market short and effective.
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