EKTOS designs, simulates, calculates, and develops the most effective Watt/Dollar designs for power electronics.
We ensure efficient conversion of power from nanoWatts to 50 kiloWatts as such is crucial for various energy handling and preservation applications.

Our many years of experience range from BLDC and permanent magnet AC motors, LED drivers, and wireless chargers to Fuel Cells power conversion, along with domestic and enterprise HVAC applications.

Apart from the typical industrial-grade power converters, EKTOS has done the development of several trains and rolling stock power supplies that are used worldwide.

We work with the most modern and yet proven technologies, implementing SiC and GaN solutions into the customer’s power products.

As a separate domain knowledge – EKTOS drives a sub-class of designs related to USB-C connectivity where we are one of the first implementers of the PD functionality in consumer products.


EKTOS has a solid track record in battery-powered device development. This ranges from picoWatts to a dozen Watts of power consumption with a variety of primary and secondary batteries of different chemistries. Using batteries combined with the energy harvesting is yet another area of expertise EKTOS can leverage to assess small power leakages. When implemented, this enhancement can propel your product to the best-in-class category for power efficiency.


Our development team understands the complexities of the low and ultra-low power designs and using different techniques to achieve them. We work with the best-in-class battery simulators and power sources to ensure that calculations and simulations can be verified and properly tested.

Our close cooperation with battery vendors gives us great knowledge and first-hand connection, and access to the batteries and their characteristics.


Design and Development
Component Selection
System Integration
Simulation and Modeling
Efficiency Improvement
Prototyping and Testing
Safety and Compliance
Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis
Cost Analysis and Budgeting
Customization and Optimization
Technology Assessment
Training and Education
Documentation and Reports



EKTOS develops control unit and wireless communication for the JHminiStrø feeding robot.
EKTOS has helped improve the new version of JHminiStrø in a number of ways..."
Lars Forbech,
Head of Development and Manufacturing at JH Agro
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