We help our clients successfully navigate the complexities of IoT devices design and development. We provide end-to-end solution development for IoT projects that are scalable, secure, and optimized for connectivity.

We collaborate with clients at every stage of the IoT product lifecycle, from initial concept and hardware design to software development, cloud integration, and data analytics.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in IoT technologies allows us to understand the specific challenges and needs of IoT devices.

Tackling issues such as connectivity, handling of data, and ensuring different devices can work together effectively is one of our core expertise.

We can design data collection mechanisms, implement secure data storage and cloud integration, and develop analytics algorithms to extract valuable insights from the collected data.

Areas of specialization

  • Indoor Climate
  • TinyML


IoT Strategy, implementation roadmap, and Consulting
Hardware Design and Development
Embedded Software and Firmware Development
Connectivity and Communication
Cloud Integration and Data Management
Security and Privacy
Industry-specific Solutions
IoT Platform Development
Maintenance and Support



EKTOS develops control unit and wireless communication for the JHminiStrø feeding robot.
EKTOS has helped improve the new version of JHminiStrø in a number of ways..."
Lars Forbech,
Head of Development and Manufacturing at JH Agro
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